Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back To Blogging Business

I've been remiss these last several weeks. Sure do miss my daily blog postings.

The job is going well, but it sure has taken it out of me so that by the time I get home from work I'm completely spent. There's no brain power left for putting together a coherent thought, much less putting together a coherent blog post. It'd probably sound like something from Dr. Seuss mixed with a layer of Larry the Cable Guy.

The learning curve is sure taking alot of energy, but eventually I'll get settled into it where I won't need to stress so much and spend so much extra time on the job - at least that is my goal. I believe very much in the importance of work/life balance.

Still looking for it these last several weeks.

In order to maintain good job function, one must have a good personal support system in place. There needs to be time allotted for family, friends, and the occasional hobby for the pure enjoyment of fun. The three F's are a necessity to satisfy the F of function in the workplace.

Otherwise life gets out of kilter - when that happens life falters like the Tower of Pisa. Eventually it will all come crashing down no matter how hard you try to prop it up.

Long ago I learned this the hard way. Now I'm rather stubborn when it comes to some time for me and my son. When I come home, the work cell is turned off. On the weekend, it comes out of my purse and sits on the shelf until Monday morning comes back around.

Or in this case - Tuesday. Don't you just love Labor Day?

I sure do - it's allowed me a little extra time to get in a good blog posting. May there be many more to come in the following weeks.