Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Pretty tired tonight. Still on the mend and getting better every day. I'm getting ready to head off to bed now so I should have better brain power tomorrow to write.

By the way, I sure miss the days when we were overloaded with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. They crowded around by the dozens!

When I was growing up it was a fun time to run around the neighborhood (or the entire town) with friends and get free candy. Now we seem to have fewer and fewer every year. Year before I think we had about nine. Last year we had a handful. This year we had two. What's the deal? Are the kids just going to activities now? Fine with me, but now I have to eat all this candy.

My mouth will thank you. Later on my gut will gripe.

Maybe I can pawn the stuff off on the guys at work. It could happen!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Going To The Doctor

I'm trying to break back in gradually. Been a grueling week.

Don't know about you, but I sure do hate getting sick. Really gets in the way of living life. Plus when I miss work, I know I'm going to go back to a load waiting for me on my desk and less energy available to play catch-up. But I guess it could be worse.

I could be dead!

A good thing has happened in all of this. Went to the doctor yesterday morning. Now I've had the same doctor since my son was an infant. She knew me when I never got sick. She's seen how the last eight years or so I catch everything under the sun.

One thing I've always said - I do things either full-tilt or not at all. That's the way I do illnesses too, I guess.

Anyway, she has followed all the aspects of my health for the last several years. She's the one who originally sent me to see the endocrinologist back in 2000 and supported my decision to go see another one this year. She listens to me. She suggests things to me.

This week she asked if I would like to try a thyroid support hormone. I've told her all the research I've done. She knows I'm not a whiner or hypochondriac. My symptoms earlier this year after I went off the estrogen rang in her head a bit loudly too.

I have that effect on people.

I took the opportunity to tell her about how it affected my voice, how I'd accepted that I'd never have my voice back, but that it came back again for a little while after I went off of the estrogen. Now that I know it is still there but hidden somewhere between hormones, I want it back more than anything.

I thought I was going to jump up and sing (or more likely croak) the Hallelujah Chorus. Just picked up my temporary prescription this evening and will try the first one on for size tomorrow morning.

You'll be some of the first to know the results - but it may take a couple of weeks to show any effects. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Under The Weather

Hello all - just a quick post to apologize for not keeping up with the blog this week. I've been a tad under the weather since Sunday. Still not feeling up to par, but hopefully am heading in the right direction. Got some great news to share when I'm a little more up to it.

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Shining Through

Well tonight was pizza and a movie. Normally we'd be going to my hometown this weekend for the Neewollah festival in Independence, but with the schedule lately and the fact that my son is trying to get a job, I need all the at home time right now I can get.

So tonight we ordered Pizza Hut pizza and watched "Shining Through". It's the only rated R movie I've ever let my son see (we skip the brief sex scene) because of the content of the movie. With my mind back in the forties and World War II, I thought it was about time to get that one back out again, get a feel for the era and study the clothes.

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It tells the story of an older woman recalling to a BBC reporter her experiences as an American spy planted in Germany during the war. Funny thing about it - she's a Jew seeking to go into the country that is rounding up and killing Jews or sending them to concentration camps. Due to her ability to speak fluent German, but against the wishes of her superior, she volunteers for the project when their double-agent is discovered and murdered.

They plant her behind enemy lines to act as a domestic cook to a wealthy and influential officer of the Third Reich. She was to dazzle them with her cooking skills. Problem was, she arrived with only two hours to prepare. The dinner was a disaster and she was summarily dismissed.

Walking home, she is picked up by the highest ranking officer in attendance at the dinner party. In desperate need of a nanny for his two children after the death of his wife, he encourages her to accept the post so he doesn't have to go through the endless paperwork to clear someone else (thinking she'd already been through a proper Gestapo check). She sees a briefcase with important papers sticking out and makes a critical decision.

That night she fell off the radar of the American spy network and accepted the position. For two months she watches and searches and waits until the right moment. The secret room in the basement finally shows itself and she secures the pictures of a German production facility developing self-propelled rockets and tracking systems in Peenemunde.

The problem - how does she get out of Germany with the information? The American network doesn't know where she is. Worse, could a friend have betrayed her? Will she be discovered before she can get safely away from the Nazis? Will it be the death of her and those she loves?

Yes, it's an older movie from the 80's (if I remember correctly) but an incredible movie about the sacrifices so many people were willing to make for freedom and the heartbreak and chaos caused when evil is allowed to run unchecked.

And just think - real people actually fought to keep not only America free but to give freedom back to those from whom it had been stripped.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giving In Return

It sure feels wonderful to have the opportunity to give back to those who give so much of themselves.

My church participates and hosts an annual event every year for Shepherd's Fold Ministries. It's a ministry that ministers to ministers.

Confused yet?

A pastor of one of the churches in our community started an organization ten years ago this year when he retired from his pastorate. The purpose was to provide a safe haven, a retreat for area pastors to get away with their families and spend time with other pastors to strengthen one another and support each other. The life of a pastor is one that makes it hard to make friends - REAL friends who will listen when they have frustrations, hurts, and doubts just like the rest of us do. Sometimes people in the church are best at eating and spitting out their own.

Who better to talk to about and understand what a pastor is going through than another pastor.

The ministry pays to bring in pastors from all over the state who need nourishment for their own souls and time with their own families. Our church provides the space for their conference time and then one evening our choir and orchestra gather members from other choirs and orchestras from other surrounding churches who wish to participate and we sing and play and lift up these pastors in worship.

We get to minister to the ministers.

Started out reaching pastors in Kansas. This year they brought in some pastors from Missouri too. They hope to reach pastors in other surrounding states eventually.

In all my years participating in our choir, I've never been available to be involved in this event. Priorities have to be set and I've made critique group my Thursday night priority since rejoining the choir. But since I took a break from critique for the play, I thought about doing it this year. This would be my one and only opportunity to actually participate in giving back. Only thing is that being away from home Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night I knew I'd be exhausted come Thursday.

Wasn't planning to participate then. But then our drama director for the play told us she had to be out of town this past Monday night. That left Monday for relaxing at home. That would leave me open to consider Thursday.

The door was open. I walked through it. Sure glad I did. Yes, I'm absolutely spent this evening after arriving home. Can hardly keep my eyes open sitting here writing for my blog. But my heart is full.

And I thought I gave it all away tonight too. Guess that's what is so wonderful about giving - you always get something back in return.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy As Clams

It sure is nice to know your kids are happy.

Just walked in the door this evening from play rehearsal. My son was in his bathroom getting ready for bed, singing at the top of his lungs. I love it when he does that. No matter how I may be feeling at any given moment, hearing him belt out a song for all he's worth just warms my heart. It's always been a good indication that all is well in his world.

The beard is coming back in darker and heavier this time. Still isn't happening fast enough for him, but I see a big difference when I stop long enough to notice.

His grades are looking fine! School this year has not been a constant battle and he's much more relaxed with himself (as am I).

Friendships are going very good. I hear new names practically every week. Used to when he'd mention someone new that he'd talked to (or more likely that had come up to him to talk) I'd ask their name and he never could remember. Now it seems the names are spilling from the woodwork, if I may use a cliche.

He'd also like to eventually have a girlfriend, but I'm okay with where he's at presently. No need for someone to play with his head until it's fully on straight. Been praying about that whole thing practically since he was born!

Then the job situation - nothing yet but he's hopeful and actually looking forward to the possibility. A little nervous still, but that's to be expected. I think the excitement is beginning to outweigh the fear factor.

All-in-all he's as happy as a clam right now. Guess that makes me right there with him.

Monday, October 20, 2008

On The Hunt

For the last several weeks, my son has been putting in job applications around town. So far no takers. That's okay - I'm still proud of him anyway.

Initially when we talked about the concept of him getting a job he wasn't all that excited about the prospects. I think it was more fear than anything. But now that he's really considering what a job can do for him (and what the money can eventually buy) he's starting to get anxious to get something soon.

Sunday afternoon we went around and he dropped off four more applications at various fast food joints. Fast food jobs are usually the best kind of opportunities for first employment. There's several with "Now Hiring" out on their signs or in their windows. We thought he had a real chance at the job at Wendy's, but they really need someone who can close.

Sorry, not going to happen on a school night.

I'm also requiring him to keep Wednesday evenings open. We're hoping for Sundays open too, but if it comes right down to it I'll let him work Sundays as long as it is after 3:00. I will not allow a job to come before church and family lunch gathering. Other than that he's available any evening, pretty much all day Saturday - heck I'm even letting him consider closing on a Friday night. Figured Friday availability would be a good opener in this town, since so many are playing sports and unavailable then.

And yet several weeks in he's still searching. I told him that getting that first job was going to require some work, but that once he had something - anything really - on that resume then he had a better chance at getting a job that he'd like to have. He'd really like to work at Border's Bookstore.

I told him he needs to finish getting his hours in for driving before then. I'm not going to spend my evenings running too and fro. That's at least where I put my foot down. At least here in town he can walk or it is a quick jaunt for me in bad weather.

For now though he'll keep at it until he's exhausted all possibilities.

I guess then we'll just start all over. Heck, there's plenty of good jobs out there. Sometimes you've got to dig to find that diamond in the rough.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A New TV Show - I'm Hooked!

I came across a completely different kind of TV show this week. It definitely engages my mind - literally!

Monday night we finished up our play rehearsal a little early. Made it home just before nine o'clock, said goodnight to my son and proceeded to do my workout on the treadmill.

I usually watch a little TV to make the time pass a bit faster when I work out. Started on Channel 2 and proceeded to flip my way through the channels to see if there was anything interesting. Boy, I'll say there was.

Apparently I happened to catch the very first episode of a new show - "My Own Worst Enemy". Had Christian Slater as the lead character. That immediately grabbed my attention. I used to think he was hot when I was younger. He played in a movie, something about Billie Jean and had Helen Slater in it (no relation).

This sucker is so cool (except for the gratuitous sex scene at the beginning - this is television now days? Where've I been?), and engaged my brain all the way through it. Supposedly this guy, Edward, is a super-spy, speaks 13 different languages, can hold his breath underwater for five minutes, received the Congressional Medal of Honor, you name it. However, when he gets back from a mission they put the normal side of his brain to sleep and awaken his alter ego personality, Henry, a loving husband with two children who know nothing of his "dark" side.

Sort of a take on the Jekyll and Hyde thing I guess.

Anyway, the programming starts to go south and they lose control over when Henry is awake and when Edward is awake. Henry awakens right in the middle of Edward's assassination mission and can't figure out how he ended up in Russia with a sniper rifle in his hands.

Eventually Edward (who volunteered for this project 19 years before) communicates with Henry to try to save his/their life because the bad guy Edward was supposed to assassinate in Russia is coming after him/them. Edward mails a CD recording of himself to Henry with a message. The end of this particular episode is Henry sending Edward a CD recording of himself to thank him for the message that ultimately saved his/their life.

It's a little confusing, but I've got to say that Christian Slater does a masterful job of switching between the two personalities. You can see his facial expressions change before your eyes when he is Henry the docile businessman and then becomes Edward the cutthroat spy.

Needless to say, I'm kinda glad we're not having rehearsal this coming Monday night. I just may have to dust off my old blank VHS tapes and start taping this thing until the play is over with. Don't want to miss a single episode if I can help it.

It's been almost 16 years since I last followed a TV show. Maybe it's okay to start up again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life Being Lived

Gotta admit - I'm not sure what I'm writing about tonight.

We've had a busy week, but a good one. That's the best of both worlds (wait a minute - I think I've had too much Disney exposure over the years).

My cats have noticed my absence around the house a little bit lately. Every time I walk around the house my feet are tangled with the rascally things. The moment I take time to just sit down, my lap is filled with fluff.

It's kinda nice to be missed.

They've still got my son around the house, but I'm the one that spoils them rotten. Matter of fact, we just finished our movie night and almost the entire time my lap had Paws filling it. Now that I've sat here at the computer, he's sitting in the office window intermittently looking out the window then staring at me.

Aw - he just meowed all cute-like.

My son's been enjoying some additional time to himself, but I think he's glad to have me home a bit more this week. He's enjoying some last free evenings until he gets a job. I think he'll be making a few follow-up calls tomorrow at some of the places he's applied.

Gotta admit, I'm enjoying doing the play more than I realized I would. Just feels good being back on the stage again. Now if only I can get my voice to cooperate, this will be a great performance to be a part of.

Okay - I didn't know what to write about when I sat down so I just spilled out a little bit of everything at the moment.

Gee, I need to call my friends and play a little catch-up this weekend too.

Life - it never ends. And that's a good thing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's With The Waterworks?

Last night I FINALLY received my practice CD for the play. There are a few songs I have to sing but one is a solo/duet. I think it is important for me to get a little bit of time to rehearse it too.

What's with the waterworks in this play????????

The song starts as my character is listening to the radio. She and her father have just had a discussion about life, loss, love, and moving on. Then her pop goes off to bed and she turns up the radio again to hear Miss Stella Ashton singing "Everytime I Turn Around".

My character is already missing her husband after not seeing him for five months. He was supposed to try and be home for Thanksgiving. Didn't happen. The Christmas season has begun and she's not sure he'll make it home then either. The thought of a Christmas without him is just tearing her apart.

Then the song comes on.

It's one of those old crooning songs. The words speak of seeing reminders of him from the ceiling to the ground, everytime she turns around - a favorite book, his hat, the footfalls on the stairs, his laugh, his smile.

Once again, when I think about my character I can't help but just have tears welling up in my eyes at the hurt she feels. The song is very powerful. What the heck am I going to do if I start crying during the song at performance time?

I mean, we just finished a difficult walk down memory lane that makes me tear up. I'm already going to feel emotional and sniffly (won't that sound great in the microphones) and then I'm supposed to sing a song with an already only halfway there voice?

This is not going to be pretty.

Maybe I've let my head get too deep into this story. Maybe I need to not think about it so much. Okay, I know there's no way I can do a play without immersing myself into it completely. Never was able to do ANYTHING halfway - why start now?

Just remember - if you come I've already warned you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enough Said

Well we finished up with the first run-through of the final scene tonight.

Gosh, I tear up easy during this thing - even if it is only rehearsals!

The final scene encompasses some sad goodbyes, letting go of dreams, and accepting the hard spots in life even when we don't understand why God allows them. The sister to my character has to say goodbye to a man she didn't realize she loved until he was gone - off to war. My character gets a telegram from the war department.

Enough said.

But even in the midst of the sadness and fear of the unknown, a ray of sunshine comes strolling in.

I'll leave it at that.

For those of you in the area, you're just going to have to take time out of your busy schedules the first weekend of December to come and see how it all turns out. Yes, Brian, it is in a church but this isn't heavy-handed. It has some very real moments that relate to what we see on the news even today.

And it even bears relavance to the world where it was 2,000 years ago. Humanity - we've changed so little in our years on this earth.

Enough said.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cattle Prods and Casting Calls

Oh boy - next week we're supposed to be off book for ongoing play rehearsals.

I'm not even near ready.

In years past, I was a very quick memorizer (is that a word?). I'd pick up on lines very quickly and even knew everyone else's lines too. This evening I did okay on my lines but it's the lead-in line that is still getting to me.

My brain just doesn't have the capacity it once had. And no, don't you dare say it is age talking. Seems to me it is being out of practice with learning how to memorize.

Why can't I get this? It's frustrating the living tar out of me that I haven't memorized the entire thing in just two weeks.

Am I expecting too much? Ya think?

Okay, I'm not the living, breathing, walking computer brain I once was, but there's still got to be a better way to get all of this in my head. How did I used to do this? I just cannot remember doing anything other than reading through a script over and over and then reading it out loud to myself.

One of the ladies this evening said she tapes herself reading the entire script with blank places where she's supposed to say her lines. Then she burns it on a CD and takes it with her everywhere she goes to play it over and over and over again. That way she gets away from the book and HAS to get her line in during the silent sections.

Maybe it's going to take doing something new like that. I don't know, but I'm getting a little stressed about being able to handle all of this. Deep breaths - shake it off.

It will come. It's just going to be a little slower than it used to be. It isn't like I'm going to be electrocuted with a cattle prod if I don't get my lines correct.

Hmmm, wouldn't put it past Ruth to try something drastic when you get right down to it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.

Tonight was my son's first choir performance of his sophomore year.

If I may use an 80's lingo - it was AWESOME!

One of the numbers his class did just about brought down the house. They sang "Do You Love Me" and at the beginning my son had a speaking solo part. He rocked it out. It was completely obvious that he had fun with that one.

Alot of the music they did was from the 80's era - I loved every minute of it! So up my alley, as well as alot of other parents too, I'm sure. They did "Freeze Frame" a song I'd completely forgotten about. They jazzed it up with these glow in the dark gloves and these big glow-in-the-dark rubber bands that they had attached to their hands and feet and they framed themselves in it. Totally cool (totally!).

Sorry, I just had a Valley Girl moment there.

The newer parents were just in awe of the performance. I told some of them to wait until the end of the year review. That will completely knock their socks off.

Mr. Engels, once again you have completely outdone yourself.

I can hardly wait to see what's next!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Caesar, Take A Holiday

Tonight we received the packet of information on my son's trip to Europe next summer.

It also had the payment notices once again and the balance due. Ouch!

For awhile I was stressing about all the upcoming expenses and the upcoming large payment due for this trip. I've got the next payment due the middle of November, then we're celebrating the big family Thanksgiving. There's Christmas coming and then the unknown of the first half of my property taxes due on my new house. Not sure what to expect there.

About a month ago, I quit worrying about it. It's going to work out even if I have to put a little bit on my credit card when it's all said and done. Now those of you who know me pretty well know that I'm not a big fan of debt, especially credit card debt. But over the years, I've learned to let go of my fears of my credit card getting out of control. Having a credit card can be a good thing as long as the credit is working for you not you merely working for it.

But this trip is far too important. Even if I end up putting a bit on my credit card, it will all be worth it in the end. So I end up making a few months payments on it after the final installment. I've been through worse before. I know I'm capable of managing it and paying it off very quickly. Besides the idea is just an idea at this point. Doesn't mean I'll end up having to put something on my credit card. I just had to get comfortable with the idea and stop worrying.

Now I can enjoy the prospects of the upcoming holidays, the trip installment, and my property taxes (say what???).

Well taxes aren't my idea of something to celebrate and ENJOY - but then we are to render to Caesar what is Caesar's.

Just wish Caesar would take a holiday right about now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Sad Goodbye

Well - I said goodbye to my critique group tonight.

It's only for a little while and then I'll be back tearing up the pages again. I can hear the sarcastic, "oh goodies" already.

Really hated parting from the group, and even though I think I'm Wonder Woman some days, I just can't do it all. This play is a real opportunity to reconnect to something I thought I'd probably never do again. It's feeling so great too!

Being away from home four nights in a row is just too much for me. The house is looking pretty garish right now too, but once again it will pass. At least I have Monday off of work for Columbus Day! Maybe I'll find some time to work on my lines - ya think?

Writing is also a deep part of my soul, but the well has been very dry in that regard. When singing disappeared for me, writing filled that empty place. I am the type of person that desperately needs a creative outlet.

My son even noticed something and voiced it last night. He observed that even though I'm kinda tired and sit around the house a little bit more when I'm home, he thought that I really seemed happy to be doing the play.

He's right, you know.

So to my writing buddies - I'll miss you alot over the next two months. Please continue to keep me included in your submissions so I can keep up on the stories you're writing for when I come back. If I find a Thursday when I'm a bundle of energy and just can't contain myself, I'll sneak into Borders and surprise you!

Otherwise I expect to see you one of the play production nights at my church.

Oh, and Brian - at least I have the decency to show up at my temporary break up fest. Was it that hard on you?

He'll understand. :-) Take care, y'all!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Let The Tears Flow

Tonight was the rehearsal with the very poignant scene. I almost teared up twice.

The older gentleman I play opposite has done several big roles in our church's productions. He's played Jesus in our Easter productions while I've played the younger Mary. He's played kingly roles while I've sung in the choir or danced. We've done alot together over the years.

This is the first time we've had the chance to portray roles actually with each other. He plays the father to my character. His wife died 24 years ago during the Great War (aka WWI) while my character lost a mother and became the family caretaker at a young age.

In the scene, they're sitting together on the sofa late at night - she staying up too late to listen to her husband's favorite radio show, he raiding leftover turkey from the fridge. The father gets his daughter to open up about her fears of her husband not returning home. Her questions jar his memories and they take a walk back to a better, more happier time.

Sometimes the memories hurt. Sometimes they laugh. But all in all, the memories, regardless of the emotion they dredge up, are good to remember.

We really got into this scene and enjoyed just letting it flow. I have a feeling that when we get our lines down pat, it might just feel completely natural to let a few tears rise to the surface. Sure hope we can get comfortable enough to allow for the possibility and not let our nerves get the best of us come production evenings. Truly is a beautiful scene.

You know, I'm really honored to be a part of this production.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Christmas Crazy!

This past week I've made an enormous dent in my Christmas shopping.

Yes, I'm one of THOSE people.

Typically I start my Christmas shopping at the inventory clearance sales in January. Got started a little late this year. Bought my first Christmas gift at the Hotel del Coronado in June when the team and I were out in San Diego for meetings. It was for my mom - she's going to LOVE IT!

Anyway, I picked up a piece of my dad's gift about a month after that. Hadn't done a thing since then. Life has been so crazy with the new job, keeping my son afloat, getting him started in school, his sixteenth birthday, school activities, and now my crazy idea to audition for the Christmas play at church. It just can't get any busier than this right now.

Did I mention that I'm still taking my son out driving - oh, and he's getting a job soon. Oy!

Last weekend when my mom and dad were here for my son's birthday, I commandeered my mother and we went Christmas shopping and looking around for ideas. My strong-arm tactics started to make headway with my sisters and I got some good ideas to work with. So from then through today, I've made a substantial dent in my Christmas shopping.

Can you say bargains??? Sure you can. Man, I just found some of the best deals today at Bed, Bath & Beyond! They have all sorts of stuff marked down to practically nothing. Picked up a Cuisinart rice/food steamer that was normally $80. Got it for next to nothing only because the box had a tear in one silly corner. That's all that was "wrong" with the crazy thing and they clearanced it for pennies on the dollar. Got a foot massager for my sister for a few bucks. Talk about bargain shopping! Can't even begin to run through all the incredible deals I came across. My pocketbook may be a little lighter, but it is still happy.

I only have four more gifts to purchase for extended family and then I'm done along that avenue. Of course my son found some things at BB&B that he wanted too. Need to go back later when he's not in tow and pick those up. Still far from being finished in the venue for my son but at least I've got the process started.

My favorite four-letter words have always been "sale" and "free". Can we classify "clearance" as a four-letter word? Who cares - it's my mantra so far for this year.

Happy Christmas shopping, everyone!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Glimmer of Light

I almost fell out of my chair last night.

For the last several years, my son has been lazy and uninterested when it comes to his school work. The kid is bright and intelligent, but he kinda skipped out on life for awhile. Life was a bit hard and he struggled in many areas. A glimmer of light began to show through toward the end of school last year.

I had high hopes for this year.

So far it has sounded like things have gone pretty well. He's mentioned a couple of geometry tests he's aced, interesting topics in modern world history, and other interesting components in his classes.

All sounds well - but I was still feeling a bit keyed up and nervous. I didn't want to look at his grades online and once again feel so at a loss for how to help him or what to do or angry that he was squandering the incredible talent God had given him.

Last night I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. We're getting close to mid-semester and if he was faltering in any classes, he'd still have time to turn things around if I got ahold of him soon enough. What was the picture going to look like? I was dreading another confrontation.

When the grades screen popped up, I was so pleasantly pleased. A's and B's. We're not just talking he's barely squeaking by either - these are solid grades in the mid to upper ranges. He's acing geometry and biology, among others. Wow! My buttons just about popped off my blouse.

This morning I told him I'd checked his grades. He didn't even look scared or like he was about to get verbally creamed. He already knew he was doing good just by the daily work accomplishments. My son even mentioned how it all seems to be sinking in and he's able to recall most of it.

I told him he should be very proud of himself. I know I am. Just hope it lasts.

I have a feeling that this time it just might. That is if my son has anything to do with it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maid Service Please!

Wow - first night home this week without something to do of an evening.

I'm loving it!

The week has been a little bit hard. Woke up yesterday morning, went into the kitchen to cook breakfast and about had a heart attack. The dishes were piled in the sink and spilling over the countertops. I'd washed a load of dishes Sunday afternoon and started to put them away Sunday night, but somewhere along the way I hadn't completed it.

Hence the dishes all over my counters.

While breakfast cooked yesterday morning, I quickly finished emptying the dishwasher and then proceeded to load her up once again. Started a fresh load before leaving for work. Emptied it out this morning. At least my countertops are clear again.

I'm finding that having my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings all filled up with practices is leading to a bit of heartburn at home. I've become so used to having time in the evenings for chores here and there and working out on my treadmill. But for the next seven weeks I'm just going to have to learn a new routine and be sure to keep up on the weekends. It isn't going to hurt to leave a few things hanging during the beginning of the week since I'll have Thursdays to play a little catch up.

Then of course, there's always the live in maid - namely my son. :-) He does such a good job with his chores and never gripes when I give him something to do. I don't think I'll take advantage of him though. It's just something I'll have to deal with when I can.

This too shall pass.