Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeling Far Away

Feels like I'm never going to get back to critique group.

Since I started the new job, my personal life has taken a back seat. Figured we'd eventually get things settled back down to where I could get back involved in my personal pursuits again.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever happen.

Feeling a little sorry for myself and far removed from my writing. But at least I am thinking about it again. On my way home from work tonight, I had some scenes from one of my previously finished books pop into my head. Been thinking a little bit about the book I'd started working on before I miraculously got this job.

It'll come again - at least I sure hope it will.

Singing and writing are my soul - my passion. Haven't gotten to do a whole lot of either lately (except I did get to sing a small solo part with our choir this past Sunday).

My son is busy with life and living, which as he grows older and gets his own car someday will mean I'll have more time to myself again.

That means more writing.

Until then, I'll have to put up with this sense of distance - of missing my fellow wordsmiths.

Of feeling far away.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reminiscing About Norma

Had something pretty interesting happen this week.

A young lady from Kentucky is playing my part.

As I wrote this time last year, I tried out and made the leading female role in my church's production of the play "I'll Be Home For Christmas", set near the eve of Pearl Harbor and the United States' official entrance into World War II.

Apparently they're doing it somewhere in Kentucky this year too.

She was looking for information about the play/musical after landing the part of Norma, where she proceeded to stumble across my blog.

Imagine that! The Chatter's Block came up under a search engine - wow, I feel important now (or pretty, but that's another musical).

So for a couple of days we've been commenting back and forth through the blog about the role, some of the music, and background from what I remembered. It was so nice revisiting those memories. Initially we were looking at doing it again this year, but other important things have come up this year at our church - namely the Michael W. Smith concert that our choir is participating in.

But that's fodder for another blog entry.

I certainly hope she touches base after their production to let me know how she felt about the character. She just found out she'd landed the role and hasn't even read the script - goodness gracious! I hope she's a fast learner.

Just glad to be getting some traffic going on the blog again - even if it is my own.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shopping, Soundtracks, and Sixty-six

Christmas shopping has begun enormously, extremely, and terribly late this year in our little household. But because of the tardiness of my annual trek, I've been looking at Amazon for some ideas. I found something absolutely amazing.

The soundtrack to Band of Brothers.

Read the book - watched the HBO series on DVD that a friend of mine had. The one thing about the series that haunted me every time we watched an episode was the music. Incredible!

So call me stunned when I came across it on Amazon. It now sits comfortably on my wish list just waiting for Santa to bring it to me (okay, okay - so I'm Santa - I'm still getting it in my stocking!).

Looks like alot of my Christmas shopping will be through Amazon this year. At the moment, I barely have time to breathe, much less shop. Friday I had neither breakfast nor lunch and squeezed in a little dinner on my way home from work by going through a drive-thru (my son left on a weekend camping trip).

You'd think I'd be losing some weight with all the meals I've missed in the new job - but I digress.

So I've told my sisters (hint, hint AGAIN if you're reading this) that I'll be doing CD's and DVD's for the nieces and nephews this year. Really anything that I can find through Amazon because I don't see myself getting out into the stores anytime soon. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Just think of all the dollars I'll be saving by not driving around and burning up gasoline. Plus on Amazon you get free shipping.

What more could a girl ask for - ah, one of my two favorite four-letter words - FREE!

Anything right now to make the shopping process a little easier. Now if only I could get my son to start making his list and checking it twice. Sixty-six more shopping days left!

How's your Christmas list?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life Happens

Ah life - it has its moments.

The last two weeks I've been running around like a chicken on steroids. Been very busy and crazy, but I'm staying with it just fine.

Last week one of my employees was on vacation, so I put in an enormous number of extra hours. Then I am already serving on two committees with the new company and trying to get things up and running with the upcoming holidays within my own team.

Last night my son had his big huge opening concert and fundraiser. Quite a smash! There's some great talent this year, and I'm not just meaning my son.

But I went straight from the office to the school. Got home just after nine last night, but it was very satisfying.

Tonight we had our opening rally for a new product promotion. Went straight from the office to help with set-up and serving and games/activities. Got home just after eight-thirty.

Friday the promotion kicks off.

I'll just be glad to have an evening home tomorrow night. :-)

So I arrive home this evening to a quiet house, devoid of my son but full of two begging kitties vying for my attention. He went to church with a friend of his and they usually run out to the neighborhood Dairy Queen right afterward to hang.

It's kinda nice for me to have a little time to myself to unwind.

Wait - I think I hear him now. Life is back!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time To Settle In

Ah - it feels as if things might finally be settling in.

Besides the cold weather outside.

This morning I awoke feeling refreshed and energetic for the first time since starting my new job. There's always so much to deal with in a new job with a new company, and I knew it would take some time. I'd even warned my son when I started the new job that I'd probably be somewhat out of commission for the first two months.


I made it in less time.

At least one week less, but who's counting?

Years ago I settled on the practical side of reality. I've learned my limitations, but that doesn't stop me from continuing to push the envelope. Along with the joys and excitement of starting anything new and out of the ordinary, there's always going to be a period of adjustment. Even though I expected it doesn't mean I enjoyed it.

But this week I finally felt myself step across the threshold to embrace the confidence of the new position.

Think I'm going to make it.

No - I know I'm going to make it. I've never been one to do anything halfway. So now that the job is beginning to smooth out, I'm excited to once again embrace my wonderful friends who have so patiently been waiting in the wings, cheering me on to success.

And that includes you too, my dear and patient readers.

Now it's time to settle back into my writing. Look out, blogging world - I'm back!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stress and Trials (and Bears, Oh My)

Ah my fellow travelers - how I've missed turning the pages of a good yarn with you.

Life has been rather chaotic these last six weeks, what with the new job, my son starting his junior year of high school, etc.

He's been enormously busy with his choir group already. Our small town has an annual fall festival to celebrate our history and to just have some fun. The group sang at the festival on Thursday night. Then Friday they spent all day at an area university for their district choir workshops. Next week they will be having their annual fundraiser dinner and concert.

After that I don't remember.

New beginnings are always quite busy and a tad stressful. I'm seeing that my son's junior year has been quite a blessing for him, regardless of how busy he is. It's good to see him sacrificing a little of himself to be a part of something greater.

For me, I find myself in a teeny bit of a quandary. My old boss has given me some news that may or may not pan out. I've let him know that I'd be open to keeping in touch should things take a turn for the positive in that regard.

Not that I don't enjoy my new job - most of the people have been wonderful to work with and I've felt such a sense of camaraderie already with the majority of my team. The idea of leaving them is difficult to deal with at times. Maybe that won't happen.

But I really miss this group I worked with for more than ten years. We were more like a family in so many ways. I know I could get to that point again with this new company, but I don't know if I still possess the drive I once had to prove myself all over again. Forgotten what it's like and how much stress that entails.

Plus I ain't gettin' any younger.

Then again, I also miss writing and sharing in my blog. Funny how our priorities shift as we age, isn't it?