Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Well tonight started the beginning of the end.

My son had his first choir performance of his last year of high school.

It's not a huge ordeal, just kinda a precursor to their opening choir concert at the school. This is an outside concert at our town's annual festival. Tonight was the kickoff of the opening weekend and all of the area schools participate in the live music throughout the evening. Plus there's carnival rides, games, food, festivities - what more could a young man and his mother ask for?

Sitting there at the park, it felt a bit surreal to realize that this is the last time he will be performing for the festival (unless he becomes a famous musician and is invited back to perform at one of the Friday or Saturday concerts - hey, it could happen). It still hasn't fully hit me that my baby boy is now a legal adult.

Oh help me, Lord!

But tonight it struck me for the first time that this is the beginning of a year that will disappear so rapidly, run off and leave if I don't pay attention. I don't plan to miss any of it.

Which made this evening all the more poignant, especially when he got up to sing his solo piece. It truly is the beginning of the end for this stage of his life.

And he can't wait to see what happens next.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Surprise Is Out Of The Bag

The evening winds down - but not really.

Yes, it is the night of my son's big 18th birthday party and it has been a huge hit. Since things are sort of winding down, I can finally let the surprise out of the bag.

I rented a limo for the evening to take the guys around all by themselves and just have a jolly good time for a few hours. When it pulled up, the guys started spilling out of the house and just going crazy. You should have seen the look on my son's face. Priceless!

In fifth grade, my son won a limousine ride as part of the school sales raffle. That began his love of limos. When my dear friend got married, we got to ride once again in a limo. When I took my son and my mother to Alaska with me on a business trip, I rented a limo to take them on a tour of Anchorage one afternoon. Of course, I had to work. :-)

After the events of fifth grade, I've carried this idea around for his 18th if he still seemed fond of limos. They had an absolute blast and now all of the guys are pining for limo rides for their upcoming 18th's as well. I'm so sorry to all of the parents for planting the seed.

The evening has been so wonderful, full of frivolitry, laughter, and cameraderie...things we could use a little more often around here sometimes. Our bellies have all gotten quite the workout.

So now begins the sleepover - and this time it has to be a sleepover because my son and several of the guys will be leaving in the morning for an overnight backpacking trip with the youth group from church. Thank God my son will be out of school Monday for in-service.

So I actually think we might get a little bit of sleep tonight also. It will be a very satisfying sleep for me.

Now I can't say the same for my son and his friends. I don't think they'll mind too much though, do you?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big 1-8 Approaches

The big week is finally here - yes, my baby boy turns 18. He's almost an official adult.

But he still lives in my house, so my house my rules still applies. And yes, I've already had that talk with him. I'm still the control-freak that way. :-)

There's a big surprise awaiting him and his friends come Friday night, and I sure hope my son relishes the moment. I've had this planned since fifth grade.

Yes, I'm also an advance planner by nature, as well as the control-freak.

Even with being in school and living off of my savings at the moment, there was no way I could put aside what I've wanted to do for him for so long. I'll get another job in about six or seven months when school is done and replenish that savings account quickly (God willing). So I think a little extra tap-in is in due order for such a momentous event.

After all, it isn't every day that your one and only child turns 18. One must take advantage of those milestones and celebrate.

I'll let you know how it turns out this weekend.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Worship service was so amazing this morning!

Our church choir sang a variety of powerful songs this morning, all humming along the same theme - majesty and glory. Then to top it off, we sang the incredible octavo "Majesty of Glory of Your Name".

This was a piece I first was introduced to in my college choir. The incredible flowing beauty of the song quickly found its place in my heart, mind, and soul and has never left since.

Our church choir has brought it out from time-to-time in my adult years - not often enough for me, I must admit. Years pass between the opportunities to sing it. But each time we pull it out of the hallowed music library halls, I never need to look at the music score. It is so deeply ingrained in my heart and soul that it will never leave.

That's why I was so honored and blessed to be asked to recite a piece, written so long ago, as an introduction to today's lyrical offering - The Creation, by James Weldon Johnson. It is a brief descriptive of that moment so long ago when God's creative mind was on display as the universe came into being.

Tonight I went for an evening walk down the darkened pathways and just stared up into the clear blackened sky, spangled with the moon and stars. Even in the midst of a trying year, I felt the majesty of His presence in the deepening night, the words of the song this morning drifting over my mind once again.

And I worshiped.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Be Over Already!

At this point, I just want 2010 to be over.

This is the year that has been such a mess for my family, particularly my mother. First the cancer diagnosis and the seemingly unending turmoil that brings, and then her mother's death (my grandma) all tied up into one. This morning, my mom received additional devastating news to add to the already torturous year.

Her best friend in the entire world passed away unexpectedly late last night.

They'd started out as co-workers, then lunch buddies, then somewhere along the way became dear friends. Even after Betty's retirement they continued to meet at least once a week for lunch. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Betty in person during my mother's cancer surgery and convalescence. I'm so sad it took so long and such tragic circumstances to finally have the opportunity to meet someone who meant so much to my mother.

And now she's gone.

Mom's concerned about the family and how they will manage with Betty gone. Rightfully so. She was the stalwart matriarch of the family - much like my mother is of ours. When I spoke to Mom this morning on the phone, she sounded a little shell-shocked. I kinda feel the same way for her.

Which is one reason I'm so ready to say a bitter farewell to 2010. May it rot in infamy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rumblings and Ramblings

My dear readers - it has been entirely too long!

Yes, I'm trying to get back into the writing saddle after a very tumultuous year. This post will be a brief update on where things stand in the rumblings and ramblings of 2010.

We just returned from spending a relaxing Labor Day weekend with Mom and Dad. Mom is enjoying retirement, getting her strength back, and also getting her hair back. The hair is coming in thick and is about a half-inch long. There also seems to be alot more pepper mixed in with the salt. :-)

Before leaving to come back home this afternoon, Mom and I also tried a jaunt around their town's walking paths. Shortly after getting some strength back after her last chemo treatment in June, Mom and I attempted a short walk around the block from their house. She barely made it back to the house before her legs gave out. Today we walked a mile or two with a few brief pauses along the way. It's really good to see her getting back to her old self. It reminded me of the walks she and I used to take together around town as I got older and before moving away.

My schooling is going well and I'm looking forward to finishing up in the spring and getting my feet back in the working saddle. Can hardly wait to open my own business someday after getting a couple of years under the belt.

Speaking of school, my son started his senior year of high school - oh my gosh! So far, it seems to be going very well. He had a physics test and only missed one, and his last chemistry test he scored a 100%. Even with his heavy schedule this year, he seems to be taking it in stride and getting his academic "feet" underneath him. None too soon!

So we're looking forward to the joys of senior year'itis. Thus far it is looking good.

Now if only I can get my life in order after getting everyone else's taken care of. :-)