Saturday, February 28, 2009

Painful Memories - Not Precious

Finally beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel today.

Had the first decent night's sleep in a week. Had more energy this afternoon. Got a few chores completed around the house. My kitchen was in dire need.

Let me tell you - when one is down that bad for that long, the house begins to get creepy. Know what I mean?

I'm just glad I can't smell anything yet.

Still can't hear anything out of the left ear either, which means I'll probably need to steer clear of the choir loft tomorrow.


Haven't been able to sing for a stinking entire week. Sure was hoping that these antibiotics would've kicked in faster so I could partake in the lofty skies. My fault though. I let things get waaaay out of hand before going to the doctor.

In my defense, I'm not one of those who run to the doctor the moment they get a sniffle or a fever. Usually it plays out and I'm all better shortly. I mean who'd thunk it that I'd get such a bad ear infection? Haven't had one since I was fourteen.

Wow! Twenty-five years ago. I remember it well because we were driving down to Florida and making a big two week vacation of it that turned into four. Never will be able to forget how that disastrous trip started for me.

I only hope that if there is ever another ear infection in store for my future that it takes another twenty-five years or more to get there again.

It'll take at least that long for me to forget about the pain.

Friday, February 27, 2009

First Foray into Forensics

My son participated in his first forensics "Student Congress" tournament today. Boy, was he a nervous wreck last night and this morning.

They left out this afternoon during sixth hour, so he missed one and ahalf classes today. He was kinda bummed about missing the quiz in English. Wow - who is this kid and what has happened to my son?

Guess he's growing up.

Anyway, he's been nervous about the unknown and unexpected. Forensics was different when I was in school. We didn't do a congress or anything, just poetry, interpretive, prose, plays, improv, etc. When I was in it, we always tended to do really well for our little 3A school.

So that's kinda what he was expecting to do, not writing pros and cons of issues. Sounds more like debate (which I didn't participate in). Therefore, I had no way to prepare him for what to expect.

Been praying all day and evening.

He just called a few minutes ago to let me know that he had to do two. Received a four out of six on the first one and a five out of six on the second one.

I was thrilled!

He's just hungry.

I imagine when he has some time to think about it a little bit, he'll be pretty happy with himself too.

After all - he faced his fear and conquered it. Can't ask more than that.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Painkillers

Well the flu has turned into a massive inner ear infection.

Doesn't that sound just lovely.

So once I'm a little more on the mend and not doped up on painkillers, I will be back at the writing table. Maybe that might be tomorrow.

Maybe later.

But I'll be so thrilled to "talk" to you as soon as I am again able.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and get a little sleep tonight.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Method To My Madness

Well this week is pre-enrollment for next year. My son and I have spent a great deal of time reviewing class requirements and fun electives as he continues to push toward high school graduation.

So hard to believe we'll be there in two short years.

These previous two years I specifically made him take some courses that are required for graduation, but that he could take anytime during his four years of high school.

At first he didn't understand why I was requiring him to get those classes out of the way so quickly during his freshman and sophomore years. Now that we're gearing up for his junior year, he sees the validity of my thinking.

See, there is method to my madness.

In a few short months he will have satisfied all of the graduation required credits like speech, computer, social sciences, etc., leaving him with nearly complete freedom to choose classes to fill his remaining years. All he has to do is just take another English requirement, a math requirement, and U.S. History.

The rest will be just for fun.

So he's planning to take a special invitation-only music class, take theatre, a technology class, drawing, web design. Oh, and he decided that he'd go ahead and get Principles of Economics out of the way.

Not a graduation requirement - a mom requirement.

Far too few people these days understand even the most basic economic principles. My son won't be one of them. Heck, at this point he could almost teach the class based upon what he's learned here at home.

Then his senior year he can have some fun and also take some dual credit classes for college credit. The way we've figured it, once he finishes high school he'll have already obtained an entire semester of college credits.

With the Europe trip coming up, he'll also be eligible for college credit there too. This way he'll be well ahead of the game and at a discount for dear old mom.

Showing, once again, that there's always method to my madness. It just takes awhile to see it sometimes. But I think the light is beginning to dawn for my son, and he's liking what he sees.

Monday, February 23, 2009

House-Hunting Weekend

The weekend house-hunting went really well.

We made it around to see all nine homes in record time. My dad was very pleased with my choice of agents (which, of course, pleased me). Then we were able to narrow our thoughts down to the ones I felt he should prioritize to make offers on soon.

All in all, couldn't have asked for a smoother day of house searching.

Except Mom and I could have done without the flu.

Yep, that's right. My mother and I both came down with the nasty flu bug this weekend.

Chalk up three times illness this winter. This is getting really old.

But the important thing was that we made it around to all the houses before things got really bad. So the goal of the weekend was still set, even though it was a bit of a struggle.

I only hope and pray that the poor real estate agent doesn't come down with the love after all that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Possible Promising Properties

Getting ready for a very busy weekend. It will be likely I won't be able to post on Saturday.

Mom and Dad are coming up this weekend. I've been working to find a good agent that my dad will appreciate, finding some good properties, and working with the agent to set up appointments.

Missed out on a few of the properties on my list. Four are already under contract, with one estimated to close on Monday.


However, in scavenging about I may have stumbled onto a tax sale property. The agent is doing more checking into this for me, but I did verify that at least for the last reporting period that the owners were delinquent on property taxes and that the property is vacant.

Maybe the county will be auctioning that off soon. Be nice if we could get into it to see. Gee, that almost sounds a little heartless. Guess it would feel bad if the people hadn't already vacated the property. Who knows how long it's been sitting empty.

There are a few other properties that I've checked into that are FSBO - For Sale By Owner. One sounds like a possible promising property.

How's that for an alliteration?

So far we have nine appointments set up starting at 11:00 on Saturday. I only hope we can get some good deals on a few of these properties to make all this worth my parents' and the agent's time.

Be horrifying if nothing came from all of this - for everyone involved.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Been meaning to post this kitty-cat adventure story for about a week now and other things keep popping up.

My cats had quite the adventure last week while I almost had a heart attack.

My kitties are loved and adored, cuddled and coddled - you get the picture. They're lazy and soft from a cozy life on the inside.

At least since they were a few weeks old, they've never been outside. They're both ball-less and claw-less, so the great outdoors would not behoove them.

Or so I thought.

Last week one of my son's buddies was over. I had a headache that evening for some strange reason (job hunt frustrations, most likely) and was being a couch-potato on the sectional after dinner. When the boys were finished with their shenanigans, the buddy said goodbye and left out the backdoor. Usually my son or I will escort our company to the door and ensure proper closure.

Not zis time.

My back screen door got blown to kingdom come by a blasting northerly "breeze" about a month ago and bent the hydraulic thingy to where you need to pull the screen door closed in order to latch it. I'll fix it come spring.

But that's not the point.

About an hour later my son walked by the back door and realized that both the screen door and the back door were wide open. He proceeded to properly close them and we continued with our evening in preparation for heading off to never-neverland for the night.

Thirty-minutes later we were saying our goodnights when my son asked if I'd seen the cats.

My stomach collapsed to my nether-regions while my heart leapt into my throat. The headache got immediately worse.

The cats had escaped out the wide open back door.

Have no idea how long they'd been out and about carousing the night. Had no idea how I'd find them in the dark or even where I should begin to look. But when I opened the back door, little Toby's grey and white face was pasted against the glass of the screen door, his pupils massive dark circles. He let out a loud meow that was whisked away by the brisk wind (again).

I tried to be calm. At least one cat was nearby, but I didn't want to scare him off the back porch by pouncing on him. So I gently opened the screen door and called for him to come in.

Before Toby even had a chance, Paws came out of nowhere, squeezed under the door into the house and tore down the hallway. Toby looked at me rather sheepishly as if he knew they were in BIG trouble, then scooted into the house after Paws where they both proceeded to lick themselves clean.

Figured after that adventure they'd be too scared to even consider such an event again. I stayed up for awhile just to check them both over and make sure they were okay. Scared me half to death with the thought of my poor, defenseless babies out lost in the cold all night.

To my surprise, every night practically since then either Paws or Toby or both will sit at the back door of an evening and wail and cry to be let out again.


One night of kitty-catting it around is all you're ever going to get boys!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"New In Town"

It's been awhile since I've done a movie review, so I think I'll pop one in tonight.

A dear friend of mine took me to the movies today since we were both off work (me, duh - she, holiday). She knew I'd wanted to see "New In Town" and so treated me to it.

We had a great time!

Yes, the story is a bit predictable. Yes, it is a bit formulaic. But it was such a fun ride to get there that you just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching it unfold.

Lucy is a big-wig, fast-track, stiletto-wearing executive from Miami who is sent to oversee the layoff and closure of a dairy production facility in New Ulm, Minnesota. Definite fish-out-of-water story.


The plant and townfolk decide to win her over with their small-town charm and sharing of secret desserts. She may have a plan, but so do they.

And they pull out all their Minnesota stops to save their jobs. Including setting her up with Ted, the regional union rep.

Laugh out loud moments. Sweet but definitely not sophisticated. Only a few mildly crude moments, but for the most part a winning cast and story no matter what the jaded critics say. It's a small town with Christian roots and they make no bones about it. Not in your face but rather quaint in its realism.

The ending isn't surprising but still quite satisfying. For a February romp, it was a surprisingly good story.

Can't say the same for the previews. Felt sorry for some of the younger tykes in the audience.

But that's one movie I won't be seeing.

"New In Town" has my thumbs up for a heartwarming break from the chill of February.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Object of Desire

Well I ended up not getting any writing done today.

Ended up spending a little time with my salon friend. She's getting the remake completed and really wants to work with me on marketing and employee development. Met her new business partner, who is really sweet and a people person.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do for them.

Also spent time this afternoon working on finding a real estate agent and looking up property tax information on some homes we're going to be perusing. My parents are coming back up next weekend and we're going to do a few run-throughs on about eight to ten houses in the area.

It's going to be alot of fun for me, probably a little stressful for my dad. But I think he'll like the agent I found. My dad is no-nonsense when he's considering property. He's not interested in salesmanship, just someone who can let him look and give him time to make decisions then wrap up the details with a nice bow at closing.

He's going to be impressed with this agent. I had a wonderful conversation with him this evening and think he'll be just the perfect match.

You know, it's so nice being needed and wanted.

This job prospecting has been rather frustrating. Since the industry is so depressed at the moment, there's almost no activity happening in my area of specialty. But I'm a quick study and can always take my specialty and translate it into something else.

I think the other problem is that the finance industry probably doesn't want to pay the salary I previously earned. It's not the salary I want, it's the opportunity! I'm more than willing to take a cut just to get in the door and show someone the value I can bring to their organization.

However, I do not want to get back into the big corporate lifestyle, but I do want to work. Which is why this freelancing stuff just might be my ticket. I've even got an online publication that wants me to write articles for small businesses. Little money, but good publicity potential, eh? Hard work getting things off the ground, but hey! I'm a single mother.

Hard work is my middle name. It isn't for cowards either. Neither is freelancing.

Which is why I might make it.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Returned a bit ago from taking my son to see his dad this weekend. Even though I'm missing our annual writer's retreat down at Osage Hills, since my son is out of town I'm going to go ahead and take advantage of the time to write.

Not sure what I'm going to work on. Usually I spend time each year before the retreat thinking and focusing on some ideas that I'd like to flesh out while there, so I'll have material for our nightly readings.

My mind has obviously been occupied by more important matters of late. :-)

So I'm thinking this evening of what I might be able to work on tomorrow in regard to stories I currently have going, or if I'll just start book number nine.

Now that I think about it, I'm going to go back to something I started several years ago. Once again it was a first chapter I wrote based upon a dream.

Guess you could say I live in a dream world half the time - ha!

The story was a pretty interesting concept for me. I pounded out that first chapter so quickly after the dream I'd had that it might behoove me to go back and fully flesh the puppy out a little bit. Perhaps I'll work on an outline or something to decide where I'd like to go with it.

Typically I've never worked with an outline - just write and write and let the story flow. I figure I can always go back and add or take out things that don't work or bog the story down too much.

So many writer's advice books talk about outlining stories to make them easier to write. I've always preferred letting it happen, but maybe it's time to see if it works easier and flows faster when I think the entire thing through at the beginning.

Once again, I can always change things if my characters decide to take a detour along the way.

They like to do that, you know.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exploring My Town

My life is becoming one big blur of boring frustration.

Still don't have a job yet at the end of another week. Gotta figure something out to get my resume noticed in the right way by the right people.

But I'm having fun in other ways. After dropping my son at school every morning, I've been driving around town looking for the houses I've seen online. Mom and Dad might come up next weekend so we can start perusing the potential rental homes.

I've discovered areas of town I didn't know existed! There's so many streets I've never driven down in our almost fifteen years of living here. There's some streets in the original part at the heart of our little town that aren't even paved after all these years, and most of them dead-end. Those are homes established near the turn of the century. Some have been completely refurbished.

Some haven't. But alot of them have potential and incredibly huge lots on which they sit.

The other morning I came across a lovely two-story property, very old and run-down, but a great heavy wood double-door entrance. As I drove past it, I noticed these old steepled stained-glass windows (some of the stained glass was missing). It was then that I realized the reason that street was called "Church Street".

It was probably one of the original churches to my little community (that isn't so little anymore). I want to buy it and live there!!!!

I could just imagine the creeking old plank wooden floors. Probably had a loft/balcony area too. I wonder what denomination it'd been in it's hey-day. It was pretty big, considering the smallness of the town back then. Maybe the only church from that era serving the community - who knows?

I even came across another older area of homes, but imagine this was snob hill back then. The homes were a little bigger down a very narrow but since paved street that had no outlet.

Found some great properties that have been refurbished that would make some great rental homes. But now I'm just plain curious. I'm thinking I might just have to do a little investigating about the history of my once little town.

Before it's too late.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Signs of Spring

If I didn't know it was February, I'd think it was April.

We've had the most bizarre weather today. Here it is, still the early stages of February and we had a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain, hail, and topped off with a gorgeous full double rainbow at sunset.

I heard they had tornadoes down in Oklahoma. Hope that doesn't come our way, cause I'm not ready for tornado season yet.

In a way, the thunderstorm was actually kinda nice. There's something about cloudy weather, a little rain (little!) and rumbles of thunder that make for a relaxing day. Usually I'll curl up with a good book or do some writing on days like that.

Instead I spent the day applying for a job with the FDIC.

Last year I remember a weekend when my son was gone. I awoke to a Saturday morning that quickly switched from a light rain to incredible and heavy snowfall all day long.

Believe it or not, there were even some rumbles of thunder and a little lightning thrown in for good measure. It was like having the best of both worlds all wrapped into one.

Wait a minute - that phrase reminds me of something. Nah!

Maybe tomorrow I'll take a little time off in the morning to read a good book. They said it could rain overnight and into the day tomorrow, so I think I'll try and take advantage of it. Who knows how long I might have such opportunity.

Hopefully not too much longer, if I can at all help it. :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Layoff Disruptions

Last week I had to make a difficult decision.

Our upcoming annual writer's retreat is this weekend down at Osage Hills in Oklahoma. Funny - a Kansas writer's group going to Oklahoma for their retreat.

Hey, there's good reasoning behind that.

So anyway, I've been looking forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle to spend a long weekend doing nothing but writing and meeting with my fellow writers. It's a wonderful opportunity I look forward to every year. Our first year was freezing cold, a dusting of snow and active wildlife all day long. Perfect writing atmosphere! Last year it was cold but rainy the whole time - another perfect writing year. The wood was just a bit wet and hard to start though.

The layoff has sure thrown a snag into my life's plans. Since I have not yet secured ample employment, I canceled my cabin reservation last Friday. Kinda hurt. Yes, I have the money to go right now, but there's no telling how long I could end up out of work. My savings may need to last awhile at this rate.

Plus, for some strange reason, my son isn't off this Friday this year. They always end up with the Friday before President's Day out of school for teacher in-service. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. Looked at the calendar last week and he's got school.

Go figure.

So that rather sealed it for me to cancel my plans. With my son being in high school, I hate to take him out of school. His big choir trip to Memphis is coming up next month too, so he'll be out a few days for that as well. A few of his classes require him to actually be in class to complete his work (like drafting), so he'll have enough to catch up on shortly. Don't need to throw another make-up day into the mix.

So it's all working out for the best. For that I can't complain.

Even if I will miss everyone. To my fellow critiquers - have a great time. I'll be thinking about you. :-)

And if for some reason you hear pebbles on your windows or something drops down your chimney, remember that I'm miles away.

You can't blame it on me this time. It's probably Gary.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Calvin Klein or BVD's?

I almost upchucked when I opened my browser this evening.

There was a story on there about ten things every single guy should own, or something like that. Figured I'd pull it up and see what it had to say, if it was on the mark or if it was drivel.


The thing was talking about how men should own $200 plus dress shoes because women pay attention to shoes and brands so much, $150 plus jeans that one could wear to a dive bar or 5-star restaurant, and all sorts of other such nonsense.

I mean come on - what are we trying to do here, further the feminization of men in our society? I like a guy who knows how to clean up too, but gee!

Personally, I'd take a cowboy in a cheap pair of Levi's over Prada-boy anyday.

It amazes me how frivolous our culture has become when what a man or woman wears and if they know their labels actually has greater value in certain eyes than the character and values of said man or woman. Isn't there something to be said for honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility?

Those may be considered old-fashioned, but in this woman's eyes they stand head and shoulders above any label someone may be sporting on their jeans.

Because it says to me that said person with label-itis is probably carrying a great deal of debt on their credit card, much more so how small they probably view themselves in all reality. If someone places greater value on their appearance instead of who they are as a person, that would make that individual very shallow in the departments that matter.

Which probably explains why I'm still single.

And if there are any guys opening their browser and reading this post this evening, take a hint.

I guarantee you that there are alot more me's out there than you think, and who you are means more to us than whether you're wearing Calvin Klein or BVD's.

Not that we're looking, mind you.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Bag Kitty Attacks

My cats love bags - particularly Toby.

Everytime I go to Wal-mart or Braum's and bring home a bag or two, I must empty them as quickly as possible and pile them on the kitchen floor.

Then the fun begins.

Toby flies into the bag pile like a kid into leaves. He tears through them and drags them across the floor until it looks like a veritable tornado has swept through my house.

Occasionally he gets himself caught in the handles up to his waist. Then he can't get himself loose from the crazy thing and drags it around the house, meowing pitifully or trying to pounce on the bag as if he were chasing his tail.

The cat surely has kitty ADD or ADHD - whatever. Can't keep all these syndromes straight anymore.

So I end up having to untangle him. What does he do? Jumps right back into the bag pile.

Did I mention that he has a short-term memory problem too?

Needless to say, my cats make life interesting. Paws is once again sitting halfway in front of my computer screen trying to catch the words as I type them. He intermitently bites then paws at the screen as if he's actually going to catch the cursor someday.

I wonder if cats can learn to read? Maybe that's what he's doing all these times - becoming scholar kitty.

So my household consists of bag kitty and scholar kitty.

What in the world will they do next?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Faith Steps

Last night at choir practice, a friend of mine gave me a DVD that she told me I just had to watch. So tonight we didn't have anything on our agenda and decided to watch Fireproof. The story was actually quite good.

Kirk Cameron was the main character. No offense, but it is obvious he is the only professional actor in the show. If you can get past some of the acting capacities, it truly is a beautiful film.

I cried three or four times. My son wants to buy the movie for ourselves, but that will have to wait until I am once again employed.

Hope it won't be too much longer.

It's kinda funny, though. The story behind how this church stepped out in faith to make both this and their other movie, Facing the Giants, is quite inspirational. Just goes to show you that when God is in it nothing will be impossible.

Which brings me to a weird place in my own life.

I don't believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason - good and bad. I believe that there may be something more happening in regard to this layoff I'm encountering. Been scared. Been a little depressed with not finding a job right away. Been frustrated and angry.

Even a little angry at God.

But I also know that this also provides me with an opportunity to seek out something more to do with my life other than the corporate run-around. I so much want to discover what it is that God is doing through this. Problem is not knowing what that something is or what direction to turn at the moment. My focus is all over the place - which means I'm not focusing.

There's several possibilities floating around. Working with my stylist to help her in her salon, talking to my dad about going into a partnership with him. But I also want to explore something involving my talents.

I'm working on querying agents about my book. Nothing's happening there, but I've also just begun. I'm talking to some people about maybe doing more theatre work and actually getting paid for it. I'm even thinking way off the charts.

Not ready to talk about that at this point. Let's just say that it is a WAAAAAY big faith step.

Maybe through all of this I'll finally figure it out or at least have a light shine down on me and say, "THIS IS THE WAY".

Hey, it could happen!

Just look what a little faith and a few cameras did for a church down in Georgia.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visiting With Uncle Sam

Worked on my taxes today after spending most of the day job hunting.

Yes, it's that time of year again when Uncle Sam comes a'calling. I'm getting a decent return this year, thank God. It will come in handy during this time off.

Of course, I'd originally planned to utilize it for more important things, namely upcoming annual bills for home insurance and the other half of my property taxes on this new house.

Guess it isn't so new anymore since we've lived in it over a year now. Wow - I remember when it felt like we were never going to feel settled here. Now I can't believe we survived so long in that little-bitty house.

I'd love to have that little-bitty payment right about now. But I digress.

I tried out that free Turbo Tax online form. Pretty slick! For my entire life, I've always done my own taxes. Figured it would be fun to try this at least once, especially since it was free (fed return anyway). Easy to do, but it makes me feel weird not having done the calculations myself.

My anality is showing again.

So I went to print it out and my ink cartridge ran out and needs to be replaced. Wal-mart will be calling come morning.

Uncle Sam will just have to wait one more day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Job Search Java

Been really busy all day today doing some research.

While my parents were here over the weekend, we got to talking about some different ideas I've had about what I might consider doing outside the norm.

Truth be told, I'm tired of the corporate life. My time is not my own. It's a constant struggle to keep a balance between work and home life. A losing battle pretty much.

So I told my parents I didn't care about making the big paycheck anymore. All I want to be able to do is once again enjoy my life and just be able to pay the bills with a little to continue putting away in savings for retirement and emergencies.

No more corporate life for me.

Ideas floated around. We got to talking about what I might be able to do and how I might be able to go about doing it.

Don't mean to sound cocky when I say this, but I have no doubt that I'll be able to accomplish whatever I set out to do.

My dad believes that about me too. We're considering the oddest of possibilities - a partnership, as you will.

I live in one of the fastest growing and most sought after communities in the entire state. Housing is at a premium out here. Rentals are an enormous rarity. My dad once owned and rented some properties, but they weren't in highly sought after neighborhoods or towns. He had a difficult time dealing with it as a business, God love him.

He's got such a tender heart sometimes that it doesn't bode well in such an industry. But he's always wanted to be successful at property ownership.

So we're thinking - JUST THINKING - at the moment that if he can pick up some REO properties on the market here for a song that I will manage the business side and he can enjoy the profits to add to his retirement.

See, I've got the business mind and he's got the money right now. I don't have the corporate job weighing on me at the moment, but I love being around other people.

Strange as it may sound, this just might actually have the potential to work to both of our benefits. Not alot of money in it for me until we get into several good properties, but the potential is there. Plus there's also the potential to help my mom and dad enjoy an even cushier retirement.

If you've got the money, now's the time to be investing it in real estate. Property values will always come back.

Who knows about my 401k!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How 'Bout Them Apples?

Was that an awesome Super Bowl or what????

Just finished watching the Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Amazing fourth quarter, let me tell you.

Have to admit - I haven't watched much football all season, but I can't NOT watch the Super Bowl.

Years ago I was a rabid sports fanatic. When it came to football, it was pro all the way. Basketball, I preferred the collegiate level. Never missed a game. Didn't care how late I had to stay up. When my team won I couldn't sleep. When they lost - same story, different reason.

Somewhere along the way sports took a backseat to more important things in life. I don't live and die by who wins or loses anymore. Sometimes that actually makes it more fun.

Tonight I was rooting for the Cardinals. I remember when Kurt Warner was with the Rams. Then too the Cards were the underdogs.

I'm always a sucker for the Cinderella team. That is, unless they are playing my 49'ers or KU.

Even so, it didn't matter so much to me who ended up winning. Sure was hard seeing Arizona come all the way back from a thirteen-point deficit only to lose in the final moments. But wow - what a catch by Holmes. Can't fault the guy for that one.

Which is why I can still say - congratulations, Steelers. You pulled it out tonight. Way to go!

It made it a great game that way too, don't you know.